Adams Ranch A Cut Above, CGCA

Cutter was the first born puppy of the litter and was the only plain face puppy.  He “stood out” from the beginning.  As a matter of fact, the owner of the stud dog, Boss (CH Castle Butte Boss Man), selected him to be the pick of the litter at one week of age.

AKC Registration #: DN32585701  DOB: 12/1/2011  Microchip #: 0006ABBCD9

  • BAER:  Bi-Lateral Hearing (ACD-BR585/1M-VPI)

  • Cardiac: Normal (ACD-CA169/22M/C-VPI-ECHO)

  • Elbows: Normal (ACD-EL1097M31-VPI)

  • Hips:   Good (ACD-3107G31M-VPI)

  • Patellas: Normal (ACD-PA183/31M/P-VPI)

  • PLL: Clear (ACD-PLL85-13M-VPI)

  • PRCD:  Pattern A – Clear – (ACD-PRA3283/109M/PI)

  • RCD4 PRA: – Normal  (ACD-P4-188/45M-VPI)

  • DCM 2: Clear (through GenSol Diagnostics)

  • CHIC #: 156936

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