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AKC #:  DN64827001    DOB:11-29-2020  Microchip #: 956-000-012-642-640
Embark DNA Test Results
Although we didn’t keep either of the two boys from the Winter 2020 Litter between Cutter and Kat, they produced almost the same results as Kat’s previous litter with Willy.  Maxwell was the plain face puppy like his half sister, Brick.  They looked very similar as puppies.  We look forward to watching Maxwell grow with his new owners and “brother” Baxter. 
  • BAER: Bi-Lateral Hearing (ACD-BR2504/1M-PI)
  • PLL: Clear (ACD-PLL903/1M-PI)
  • PRCD:  Clear (ACD-PRA3285/1M-PI)
  • RCD4 PRA: Clear (ACD-P4-574/1M-PI)
  • Cystinura: Clear (ACD-CY-93/1M-PI)
  • Myotonia Congenita: Clear (ACD-MC-91/1M-PI)
  • Degnerative Myelopathy: Clear (ACD-DM-231/1M-PI)
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